How to move the DPM_SYSTEM_STATE storage location

 11 Jun 2007 05:12:42 pm

If youíve had the opportunity to play around with beta 2 of Microsoftís new System Center Data Protection Manager v2 (DPM 2007) youíll probably notice that for servers that you enable system state protection a DPM_SYSTEM_STATE directory will be created in the root of your system drive to house the local replicaÖ

A problem with this is that this can easily consume 800+ MB of space and this can be a problem on some servers. Iíve got a couple servers in my lab that donít have much to spare (which is where I ran into it).

Now before you run and make this change the usual disclaimer applies. I havenít confirmed these changes with Microsoft and can make no guarantees that this will work for you. I also donít know if it will work the same when DPM 2007 gets released.

All that said the way that I know of to change the location is to edit:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\Datasources\PSDataSourceConfig.xml"

If you search the file for the "<FilesToProtect>" section you should see the existing path, edit this piece of the config and point it to wherever you want to store the local replica.
Next remove Computer\SystemState from the protection group (deleting the files) and re-add it.

What you should see is the new .bkf file get created wherever you specified. You can safely delete the old DPM_SYSTEM_STATE directory at this point.


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