Ex2k7Script PowerShell Script not created (Unity/Exchange)

 04 Dec 2007 06:34:41 pm

When you re-partner Cisco Unity 5.x with your Exchange 2007 mailbox server the reconfiguration guide states that a PowerShell script, Ex2k7Script_<servername>.ps1 should be created. However when doing a re-partner this weekend this script was never created nor could I find any documentation about what the script is and what it does.

If you find this page because you run into the same issue you should first contact Cisco TAC. If the script is not created there is probably a reason for it (in our case Iím assuming because the objects were already created). But so you have some background information the script creates 3 user accounts with the New-Mailbox commandlet; the 'Unity_NAME01' account, the 'USbms_NAME01' account and the 'EAdminXXXXXX' account (thatís it). So check to see if these accounts already exist and have mailboxes on your Exchange 2007 mailbox server.


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By : Don @ Time : 21 Mar 2008 02:08:26 pm :

I was just doing a little research on the Ex2k7Script PowerShell Script since we will be doing an upgrade to 2007 in another week. It\'s nice to see that someone out there has some information about it, since Cisco is slacking on it. Thanks for the information you listed here. :-)

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